Inspiration, advice and information on the installation of manual and electric gates.

By choosing to have your gates automated, you will further enhance all the benefits of having gates at the entrance of your property.

Large Metal Gate with Automation Large Metal Gate with Automation

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Why Automate your Gates?

Beyond the simplicity and convenience of opening and closing your gates with a remote control without having to leave your vehicle (which is most useful at night or in bad weather) electric gates have additional advantages over that of manual gates.

An electric gate eliminates the struggle with large and heavy manual gates that many people encounter. A simple press of a button on a remote control allows access. Visitors will usually use an intercom at the gateway to contact you before you let them in, this helps prevent unwanted callers and hawkers.

On the security front, electric gates have irreversibly geared motors making it difficult for burglars to force open the gates. Fitting a maglock ensures maximum protection and even greater security.

Having your gates automated increases the investment made to your property, with the extra style and exclusivity of automatically operating gates. It's possible to automate existing gates too, so you've no need to purchase an entirely new system.

Isn't it Expensive?

We usually find that electric gates cost less than people imagine.

25 years ago when automation was in its infancy it was truly the reserve of the mega rich to have their gates automated. Today with advances in manufacturing and technology, gate automation is within reach of many more people.

Ferni Articulated Arm

Naturally there are additional costs involved in both the supply and the installation of automated gates. Getting a quote from a one of our Gold Approved Installers guarantees that the sophisticated automation equipment they use is of the highest quality. All CAME equipment comes with a 3 year parts warranty, so in the event of an equipment failure you won't have to pay the cost of a replacement.

By choosing a Gold Approved Installer for your electric gates, you can also be confident that the quality of service, installation and back-up will be second to none.

Be reassured that trained professional engineers for Gold Approved Installers are on hand, usually with stocks of spare parts to fix any issues that arise. CAME's commitment to next day delivery also ensures that any part not available from your Installer will have a minimum delay before reaching you where it's needed throughout the UK.

Many of our Gold Approved Installers tell us how often they have needed to replace low grade existing automation systems that were cheap originally but rapidly failed and whose spares were unavailable. With CAME automation very many years of service are delivered with a minimum of fuss.

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