Inspiration, advice and information on the installation of manual and electric gates.

Gate automation is a fairly straightforward process. The following pages outline what's involved and will hopefully provide you with a little knowledge so that you are able to discuss and understand everything about your own installation. Detailed below is a brief explanation of all the aspects, more detail can be found on the relevant pages.

CAME Approved Installers should use outstanding quality equipment from the CAME range and have many years experience in fitting electric gates. All CAME Approved Installers will be able to advise you on what your options and requirements are.

Power Supply

Your electrically automated gates will be powered by the mains but will run at either 230v or 24v depending on your requirements. 230v systems will meet the needs of most residential users, they are easier to install, therefore cheaper. 24v systems off advanced activation and safety features and are able to run intensively without interruption.

Automation Power Suppy


There are three main categories of motor that can be installed on your gates depending on your requirements. Underground motors are hidden from view beneath the ground and are barely seen at all once installed, keeping the look of your gate exactly as planned.

Underground Motor

Articulated arm motors are easier to install, they are often used to reach around a large gate post to gates mounted in the centre. Their simplicity makes them an affordable and flexible option. Worm Drive gate operators can open even the heaviest of gates but are often very visible, if you have a big gate to open these would be the best option.

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Worm Drive Motor


The essence of an automated gate is being able to open them at the touch of a button. CAME's range of activation accessories includes remote controls with clone resistant rolling codes as well as a range of alternatives such as push buttons, keypads and card swipes. Most users will want a few remotes and a coded keypad entry linked to an intercom but our CAME Approved Installers will be able to suggest the best option for your situation.

Remote Control


Paramount to today's automation systems is safety. Electrically operating gates become hazardous if not properly installed and protected. To this extent the CAME range offers the most advanced range of safety accessories.

Safety photocells, warning lights and collapsable safety detection edges all combine to keep you safe.

Safety Edge

Warranty & Service

All CAME equipment comes with a 3 year warranty offering piece of mind to users. The mechanical nature of gate installations requires gates to be properly maintained to ensure many years of great service.

3 Year Warranty & Service

CAME Approved Installers can offer flexible and affordable servicing schemes to keep your gates running smoothly and helping you to avoid future problems.

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