Inspiration, advice and information on the installation of manual and electric gates.

Your electrically automated gates will be powered by the mains but will run at either 230v or 24v depending on your requirements.

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230V Systems

230v Power Supply

230v systems will meet the needs of most residential users, they are easier to install, therefore cheaper. 230v systems are not intended to be used over 8 times an hour in regular service and have a thermal cut out device which will step in if the machine starts to overheat, preventing breakdown.

A 230v control board will allow the user to operate additional architectural features such as lighting when the gates open. They are the ideal balance between cost and function that will meet the needs of many users.

CAME latest generation of 230v control panels have now got the latest activation and safety features built in. These include a slow down function to make sure that if the gate comes into contact with an obstacle the gate stops and begins to reverse.

24V DC Systems

24v Power Supply

24v DC operators use a transformer to step down the power from the mains to operate the gates and have all the features of 230v systems plus some additional elements

24v motors are suitable for intensive use and are recommended particularly for commercial situations or on residential apartments or estates where the gates will be opened over 8 times an hour. The installation of 24v operators is more time intensive therefore expect to pay a little more for them

24v systems have additional advanced activation and safety features built in to the control panels. These include slowdown functions at the beginning and end of the opening run, enhanced obstacle detection.

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