Inspiration, advice and information on the installation of manual and electric gates.

Price Variations

Prices for gate installaton can vary widely, depending upon many factors.

Are you are having gates fabricated or are they ready-made? What materials are being used? Are your gates going to be automated or not?

Prices can also vary depending on location. Labour costs will be much less for adding automation to an existing gate.

We advise you to get quotes from a range of installers before making a purchase. However, a general estimate for a set of automated gates could be something similar to this:

  • Set of double gates :
    1/3 to 1/2 of the overall cost.
  • Automation equipment:
    1/3 of the overall cost.
  • Installation costs / labour:
    1/3 of the overall cost.

Due to the bespoke nature of gate installation it is impossible to give a definitive price for your project without having an engineer visit your property to conduct a full survey.

However, when you place an enquiry with Gateinstaller we aim to give you a rough ballpark figure based on other installations in your area.

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Pricing Guide

The prices below are intended as a guide. Please contact your installer and arrange an on-site survey for a more accurate quotation.

Budget Metal Gate


Small, lightweight metal gates with post mounted automation, standard safety, an audio intercom and remote control access.

€ 1,000 ~ € 3,500
Standard Wooden Gate


Medium-weight metal or softwood gates with post mounted automation, standard safety, keypad and remote activation with audio intercom.

€ 1,500 ~ € 5,000
Executive Metal Gate


Sturdy wooden or metal gates with underground automation and additional safety. Quality audio intercom plus internal keypad and remotes.

€ 2,500 ~ € 7,000
Premium Wooden Gate


High quality hardwood or wrought iron gates with underground automation & additional safety including induction loop. GSM intercom with keypad, internal keypad & remotes.

€ 5,000 +