Inspiration, advice and information on the installation of manual and electric gates.

Always popular with customers, gates made from wrought iron offer a diverse range of styles and designs both traditional and contemporary. Wrought Iron gates are simple to maintain as a well made gate will resist the elements very well.

Wrought Iron gates guarantee your security. As a metal product, strength is integral to the material. Your property will be protected behind a set of well fitted gates.

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When it comes to designs, a great gate maker will be able to offer you designs to match your imagination. Seen something you'd like to replicate? Perhaps a beautiful set of traditional styled wrought iron gates, or a modern minimalist design; Your gate installer should be able to fabricate a similar design from wrought iron.

On the other hand if your not sure what you'd like, the approved installers you'll find on our site will have many examples of their previous work to inspire you and will be able to help you select your perfect gate.

Metal Gate Finnials

Wrought Iron gates are however quite heavy to open. A large set of manual gates may be heavier than your comfortable to open regularly. This problem can be overcome if you choose to automate your gates, which will provide you with a practical and convenient method of accessing your property.

Metal Driveway Gate

Wrought Iron gates usually have an open style, allowing you to see between the bars, providing you with a view of what's behind them, this does however mean others can see into your property, which may be detrimental to your privacy.

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